Friday, May 29, 2009

Oooooh...the blogging world.

Hellooooo Blogging World! 

Many of my friends have now moved/are in the process of moving far away from me. :( However, the good news is that this thing they call the world wide web makes it possible for us to communicate! Huzzah! (Although I think today I heard Barack Obama say something about a technology czar...wuh oh.) 

I wish I had something interesting to say, but sadly, I just worked 10 hours and my brain is mush. I am working, and getting ready to start a class and an internship, and I have only one year of school left for-ev-er. (That was supposed to be like The Sandlot...did that come across?)

Last night was game night at ms. sarah's, and boy did I miss game night. No one at college thought game-playing was cool! Boy were they wrong. 

Eh. I have other things I should be doing right now, and also, my computer might die soon. So I shall leave you for now, loves! 

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  1. Games ARE amazing. And I thought I became a follower of your blog, but... I don't see me under followers. I gotta look into that. I'm excited you have a blog now... this is like Xanga: The Next Generation.